SDM530CT-Modbus with 3pcs 100A/5A CT, multi-function power analyser, 100/5A current transformer(ESCT-T24), Pulse/Modbus output



  • Display Type:LCD
  • Phase:Three Phase
  • Measuring Energy Range:0-999999.99kWh
  • DIY Supplies:Electrical
  • Output Voltage:220V
  • Rated Voltage:230V
  • Dimensions:100*125*65mm
  • Max Operating Current:150A & Above
  • Power Supply:AC
  • Model Number:SDM530CT-Modbus with CT
  • Accuracy Class:better than Cl. 1
  • Color:white
  • Backlit:white
  • Operational frequency range:50 or 60 Hz
  • Basic current (Ib):5A
  • Bus type:RS485
  • Protocol:Modbus RTU
  • Baud rate:1200/2400/4800/9600
  • Address range:1-247
  • Bus loading:64pcs
  • Communication distance:1000M


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